The Downside of Freedom of Speech

First of, let me get one thing straight: I think the basic idea that governement can not prohibit the free expression of ideas is sound and must be defended.

However, I believe that too many people, celebrities and politicians - basically all attention whores - get away with saying the most outrageous things for no other reason than to enhance their newsworthiness, which in and of itself deserves its own rant.

In the good old days, and I don't know when that was exactly, some yahoo shooting off his mouth with unsubstantiated claims would either be laughed out of town or received an adhoc education usually involving feet in the rectal area or dental adujustments.

I do not condone violence, but here is the thing: it has gotten so crazy and things go viral so fast the stupider they are, before you know it someone is quoting some assenine thing as fact just because someone else put it on a blog, or edits a wikipedia page (so it must be true).

Freedom of speech does not mean that every argument is equally valid. People with idiotic claims need to be made fun of, mercilesly and brutaly.

The price for stupid needs to go up.

Rather than be rewarded with a reality TV show or a seat in the house of representatives, indivduals who purport blatant untruths or cacamamy stories that are clearly retarded need to feel a swift societal cunt punch that makes them, and others of their ilk think twice before opening their mouths.

Alright, I am standing by to be punched ...