I don't get Twitter

I grew up at a time before the internet. As a youth I discovered computers before they were even affordable by mere mortals, and spent way too much time on BBS boards and remember the siren song of the modem late at night.

I used e-mail before most people had even heard about it, and was around and worked in the computer industry when the internet took off.

I am guilty of spending time on facebook, maybe too much, and at times overshare, I guess.

I don't understand the public masturbation that is Twitter. I just don't get it.

Every once in a while I login over there, because I am afraid I am missing something, or because I am bored, and everytime I am disappointed.

With glee I read about companies trying to harness social media and flame out spectacularly on twitter. But I don't get why they are on there in the first place.

I envy people like Patton Oswalt or Megan Amram who tweet thoroughly funny stuff. But among all the white noise of vapid crap spewing out on twitter in particular, and the internet in general, I am getting tired of looking for the nuggets. I am not going to stop looking, but I am getting tired.

I am horrified about the time when I will be made fun of, or critisized for not having tweeted about some particular #hashtag, as if that were proof I condoned whatever that #hashtag was against.

I better tweet something about ISIS right now ...