Group Chat Purgatory Herpes Ebola Nightmare

Last weekend a spontaneous pub crawl spawned itself, and with it a group chat to coordinate where to go. Seemed like a great idea. Someone added my phone # to the chat and off it went. I didn't know 70% of the other people on the chat, so all I saw were their phone numbers.

Since I figured this would be a short lived affair, I didn't bother to get names to all the numbers.

Boy howdy was I wrong, about the short lived affair.

The pub crawl was a lot of fun, so were the people and the messages they exchanged. Hilarious, actually.

But a week later, my phone is still chiming at random intervals when a burst of chat messages in the group arrive.

Turns out in it's infinite wisdom Apple made it so you can only leave a group chat comprised of people using iPhones (or iMessage to be precise). Needless to say that at least one cunt in the group chat is an android user, or has iMessage disabled.

So here I am, staring at my phone (and iMessage on my Mac, since it is linked to my phone number), contemplating how to exterminate the human race once and for all to make this stop.