Anonymity or the Succubus of Fame and the Bane of the Selfie Stick

The worst thing I can imagine is to be famous. Or living in a town that is about to be invaded by ISIS. And be famous in that town.

I don't want to be famous (and I can hear your derisive laughter that this ain't gonna happen anyways - well, great)

This culture of celebrity worship is probably the sickest growth we have spawned yet. The crusty stale taint on our collective consciousness, dragging us into the abyss of failed societies.

Health is being appreciated when one is sick. Anonymity is being apppreciated by the famous (the ones that aren't total douchebags, anyways). The moral is that you take things for granted and learn to miss them when they're gone. Be careful what you wish for. Just ask Brad Pitt.

I gladly wait for a table and then eat my pizza in private without a paparazzi taking a picture, or waiting for me to exit a limo without panties. The latter grosses myself out, wanting to throw up the immaginary pizza I just ate. Fame is not only yielding sycophantic adoration, but can also produce scrutiny no mortal can withstand unscathed. It can also drag to the fore the excess and sickness only fame could afford you to get away with in the first place.

There are people who accomplished shit and became famous for it. Others did what a decent human being is supposed to do, and were punished with fame. The majority seems to become famous for being retarded, and then capitalize on it, which makes them do more retarded shit, which makes them more famous.

YOU are the enabler in this vicous cycle.

Stop reading the tabloids and waching the reality shows. There is absolutely nothing real about them. It is just some sad sack who's only hope to success is to become famous, because then they can peddle their mediocrity to the unwashed masses. People are famous for being famous now. You can even be infamous, like some entitled 16 year old cunt who is on TV, being an utter euthanasia candiate bitching about the wrong BMW for her quinceanera, or a bride to be, who makes everybody's life a living hell. Or someone who walks up to shoot a president, or John Lennon or walks into a movie theater and kills people by the dozend. If that is not proof that fame, and our obsession with it, is more evil than good ...

And for gods sake stop taking pictures of yourself and post them on the internet for everybody to see. And if you must, don't use a selfie stick. What next, a waterproof GoPro so you can post POV of taking a dump so you gain notoriety? Wait, I think those things are waterproof?